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With Niamh Arthur (me!)

niamhTailor Made Online Business Group Mentorship Program is a unique 10 week experience to help you design, create, and market your unique business.

With training modules and exercises to help you learn the principles that make businesses work, and group mentorship calls with me where you can ask questions, deepen your experience, and translate each concept into what works for YOU...


You will create (or adjust) your totally unique business with perfectly tailored strategies to market it in a powerful, fulfilling way.

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Be You.  Love What You Do.  And Make Money Doing It.

Are You Ready for a Journey?

I struggled for years trying to create an online business. Things would feel "off" so I'd get stuck, self-sabotage, jump to try some new strategy, then start to feel off again.

The big shift happened for me when I learned how to CONNECT to myself and let go of the "rules" so I could operate my business based on the PRINCIPLES and STRUCTURES of success rather than someone else's path.

That allowed me to...

  • Create 3 Thriving, Successful Online Businesses
  • Work with Hundreds of Amazing Entrepreneurs
  • Move to My Dream Home in The Irish Countryside
  • Read, Write Books, Sew, Walk in the Woods
  • Create Marketing that Reflects Me and Feels Amazing!

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • You want to create work that's an expression of who you ARE.
  • You know you can help others, but don't know how to make that a business.
  • You've tried various marketing strategies, but none of them ever quite feel like you.
  • You know your heart driven business will work.. but haven't quite figured out how.
  • You have an idea you know would make a great business, if you just knew how the internet works.
  • You know that there is a THRIVING online economy, and you just want to find your way in.

If the answer is Yes... then you are in the right place.

Welcome to Tailor Made Online Business

In this program you will design, create, and bring to market a fully aligned Business You Love to BE in... that totally WORKS.

Where are you on your journey?

  • Already have an income stream?

    You will create a heart based message and marketing that’s fun AND effective.

  • Already have an idea?

    You will learn to translate that idea into a lucrative income structure by unlocking excess capacities.

  • All you have is a desire?

    You will learn how to connect to your core and extract a complete business that is TOTALLY you.

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How it Works

  • 9 Video-Based Modules

    The video modules are designed to help you learn the deep concepts and principles behind each aspect of your business and marketing stages. These create a “golden circle” to aim for in your design, creation, and marketing.

    The modules are in-depth and range from 1 to 2.5 hours, and presented in digestible 5-15 minute chunks so you can hop in and out and work them in around your daily life.


  • 9 Playbooks

    The playbooks help you to apply the principles and concepts to YOUR business, without turning them into rules. Here you will begin to discover how the concepts and principles can be brought to life in YOUR business.

    Each playbook has a completely unique set of exercises that draw on neuroscience, logic AND intuition to help you uncover the answers that are right for you.


  • 9 90-minute Group Mentorship Calls with me!

    niamhocean2My favourite part of the program! On these calls we get together as a group to dig down and narrow in on your true business elements. We apply exercises, group discussion, and a lot of mentorship directly from me to help you choose what is right for you.
    In the final four weeks of the program these calls are almost exclusively Q&A and led by whatever YOU need to create and bring your business to market (logistics, strategies, and action-steps!)

    Note: These will be held on Tuesdays at 3.30pm Eastern (12.30 Pacific, 8.30 UK/Ireland), and will always be recorded if you can’t make it.


Start Where You Are.

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The Journey starts October 11th...

Are you coming with us?

  • 1

    Phase One: Deep Alignment

    Design every aspect of your business to align perfectly with you.

In the first 5 weeks we will be diving deep into the concepts and principles that drive success in every aspect of your business, and applying them to you.

This is the design (or adjustment) work that will set you up to have the business you truly want to be in.

By spending time learning how to think, design, and align you will be ready to hit the ground running with your true business.

Module 1: You

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In Module 1 you will learn how to align the two sides of yourself and create a powerful direction for your business.
After watching this module you will always be able to create clear and aligned decisions, even in the face of the inundation of marketing messages we all face.
You will have a powerful outcome to aim for, without all the anxiety that standard goal setting brings.

Module 2: Income

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This is the module that past students have affectionately called the "brain cracker" as it opens your eyes to what is really happening in the online economy and all the income streams you didn't even know you had.

After this module income will never be a problem again as you will know how to tap into hidden income streams in your life.

Module 3: Audience

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This is not your typical "find your avatar" conversation. We dig into resonant communication and clarifying what you have to offer through the lens of your ideal audience's needs.
You will discover how to connect to the heart of your audience and transform their lives through your work.
You will be able to ONLY work with those you genuinely want to connect to so your working relationships can be based on friendship and connection rather than "niching".

Module 4: Message

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In Module 4 we will uncover your message.
Now message is an evolving thing that will continue to grow with you on your journey. And in module 4 you will learn how to always have a message that feels AMAZING to deliver and cuts to the heart of your audience's needs.
In uncovering the difference between inadequacy and empowerment marketing you will learn how to position your offers in ways that feel amazing and totally remove the "ick" factor. This module is the dearest to my heart as my mission is to transform marketing to empower people instead of manipulate.

Module 5: Marketing

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Module 5 is all about the deep marketing principles.
How audiences make buying decisions, the flow of information online... taking an organic and evolutionary approach to marketing.
We will bring together your full business wheel and begin to look at the conversation between your business and your audience.

  • 2

    Phase Two: Conscious Procrastination

    Doing nothing... yay neuroscience!

We will spend the sixth week of the program doing absolutely nothing. That's right... allowing your brain the space and peace to digest everything you have been learning and thinking about will help you ensure you are making the right choices for you.
Watch out for suddenly bolts of inspiration this week and keep a notebook handy!

  • 3

    Phase Three: Create & Share

    Bring your business to life.

This is the phase where your business comes out into reality. You will both put together your product and create a strong pathway to connect your audience to your product.

We will move into stage based marketing which will help you focus on the RIGHT area at the right times in your business. This can help you move through to your ideal vision more quickly than you would have thought possible.

Module 6: Your Product Pathway

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In Module 6 we will create your first product pathway. A powerful structure to pull your audience from where they are through to becoming a customer. You will also create a "product wheel" for one of your products.
This module is key as it bridges your business from the deep thinking into bringing it into reality.
Once you learn this structure you will be able to market anything to any audience online... guilt free!

Module 7: Impact

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First you need Impact.

You will discover how to create impact with your current abilities, reach and assets. This is the crucial first step that people rarely take, they jump straight into stage 2 and get hopelessly stuck never really getting off the ground.

Module 8: Evolve

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The second stage of marketing is Evolution where you can extend your reach, discover marketing that is fun, and play in your business.

In this stage you will be able to connect to more people while still having maximum impact through the "shiny fish" strategy.

Module 9: Expand

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Finally in module 9 we look at the Expansion stage of marketingwhere your business begins to have its own momentum.

Here you will be able to layer in product suites and other structures to fulfill your highest vision for your business.  You will learn how to unleash your greatest creative self expression in your business.

Your most fulfilling work comes from innovation... not imitation. (Sorry Gurus)

Who is this for?

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs who are trying to find a place to start online.
  • Existing Business Owners who are struggling to get traction with their marketing.
  • Network Marketers who want to stand out from the crowd and create marketing they feel great about.
  • Coaches who want to book more clients.
  • Solopreneurs who want to create residual income streams.
  • Writers and Speakers looking to create additional income streams and get more exposure.
  • Anyone who wants to discover how to tap into the power of the interet while feeling great about who they are and what they are doing!
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What's your most fulfilling work?

I have no idea! It could be...

  • Creating Courses or Membership Sites
  • Coaching Others
  • Aligning an Existing Business to You
  • Making and Selling Items
  • Providing Personalized Services
  • Some interesting other concoction we will cook up together based on who you are and your unique excess capacities.

But all the fun is in finding out.

Create a business that's totally you and has everything necessary to thrive in the internet landscape.

The Packages

You are all unique individuals (snowflakes, if you will). And as this program is all about being yourself and growing your unique connection and business... it's NOT one-size-fits-all. Below you will find the details of our two packages. Choose the one that calls to you!

The Pathfinder's Package

The Pathfinder's package gives you access to all the program materials, bonuses, and the live group mentorship sessions with me. You will be able to take what you've learned in the modules and fine-tune it to YOU.

This package suits those who are ready to really step up in their lives and take control of their businesses.

By the end of the program you will have the ability to bring any business from idea to reality to success, without compromise.


The Trailblazer's Package

The Trailblazer's package gives you access to the program materials, bonuses, and the live group mentorship sessions.

Additionally, you get 6 private one-on-one 1 hr mentorship sessions with Niamh (2 monthly). AND 4 hours direct work time, where Niamh will help you setup your site, program, marketing, or any other technical aspect of your business. Whatever you need!

I will personally help you design your business, plot out your marketing, and adjust for anything that might come up along the way.

This would suit anyone who is ready to move fast and build the business they've been dreaming of with a mentor by their side.



Plus More Surprises Along The Way!

Your First Info Product

This mini course will take you through creating, constructing, and delivering an information product no matter your technical background or abilities.

My Business Toolbox

I open up my toolbox and let you see what tools I use in my business. My websites, my autoresponders, even my planners and schedulers. This can save you a ton of research time.

Light It Up Video Marketing

Lifetime membership to my Light It Up Video Marketing membership site. Learn how to create, market, and use videos in a powerful way to create solid connections with your audience.

Total Mindset Makeover

Six hours of training on mindset tools from various modalities to help you make the transition to your most aligned version of yourself and your business. Inc. NLP, neuroscience, and coaching practices.

Bring any business from idea to reality to success.

Previous Program students

Lauren Riesner

A very strange thing happened to me a few months ago…I was trying to think of a name for my business and bemoaning the fact that my surname wasn’t Taylor because then I could call it Taylor-Made.  It was just one of those moments that comes and goes…but obviously the universe heard my request and answered it in the most amazing way!

I had been trying SO HARD to move myself out of assisting others in soul-destroying jobs to creating a business of my own.  High-profile online gurus promised much…yes my bookmarks bar is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of shiny online courses!  But I wasn’t feeling it…they all succeeded in firing my enthusiasm at first but one after another they faded and died.

None of them could do, for me, what Niamh Arthur has done by showing me how to be myself rather than an automaton working its way through blueprints formulas and checklists.   None of them said ‘Hey Lauren…you can do this YOUR way!’

Niamh’s knowledge of heart-based business design, the warmth of her community of students and the generosity of her fantastic mentorship has given me the ability to build my business.  But more than that, Niamh has shown me that I CAN do all this MY WAY and that’s exactly what I am doing!

Lauren 🙂

Lauren Riesner, Perception Anxiety

The program was exactly what I was looking for to help me plan and develop some exciting programs for The Everlasting Tree School, an independent school that I co-founded. With Niamh's guidance and dynamic training, the program has helped me to tune into our vision to bring forward an authentic message to share with the world! With each meeting I get more excited and can't wait to launch. As we say in Mohawk, Nya:wen Niamh!

Amy Bomberry, Everlasting Tree School

Tailor Made Online Business has guided me into creating a life coaching model that I can deliver in a heartfelt way, and has inspired me to steer my own career intuitively. The program will continue to hold strong value as I continue on my journey. This course is invaluable for budding entrepreneurs that are committed to finding that heart and soul approach to success!!

Christine Fanning, Spark Collectors
Felicia Baucom

With all the different programs out there, it's easy to think that you have to do so many things to be successful. It's easy to be overwhelmed and not recognize that some strategies may not be the right fit for you or your business. Tailor Made keeps things simple, using logical principles that will help you figure out your next steps based on where you are in your business. With Niamh's help and direction I was finally able to get the momentum I needed to get my new business off the ground, and I did it in a way that felt right to me.

Felicia Baucom, March to Your Own Drum

I started my business in October of 2015. Back then I followed a few business coaches and always tried to fit in, tried to make my business like they suggested but for some reason I couldn’t/wouldn’t make a go of it. I’ve got a great “ground” game (face to face) but getting the online business up and running has been a struggle.

Last June I entered Niamh’s 30 day Light it up Video Challenge and the results were life changing. Her approach in the challenge was “eye contact with the lens and heart open.” It was her “heart open” statement that got me. I was intrigued with her philosophy and join Tailor Made Online Business after the challenge. It wasn’t long before I found out why I was struggling with my business – I viewed it as a noose around my neck! How did I find this out? Niamh’s coaching and questioning. She guided me as to how I could create the business I’ve always dreamed of in a way that met with my style of operating. Amazing! She has a 50 things list which I have a love/hate relationship with but it has been the path to enlightenment.

In a world of funnels, opt in’s and ever growing pressure to grow your list exponentially it was refreshing to encounter a business leader with a heart centered approach. Tailor Made Online Business helps you take the pressure off which, for me, created a path to true creativity and productivity. I highly recommend Tailor Made Online Business.

Pam Richardson, Money Mastery with Pam

I have spent thousands of dollars on courses and coaching to help me build a successful, profitable business online. They were legitimate, and taught me what they promised, however, the business model, mindset, or actions I needed to take toward success never ended up being a perfect fit. There was always something that felt a little bit off, which led me to keep searching for something that was "just right".

Which is exactly what I found with Niamh's program. Instead of teaching me the way "she" has created a successful business online, she's helped me dig deep within myself, identify what I want to do,  and find what's in alignment with who I am and want to be in the world. She then helped me develop a plan to not only create that business, but to market it and make it profitable as well.

This is by far the best program I've taken when it comes to getting clear, creating a plan that is tailor made for me, and taking action to create a business I can fall in love with and stick with for the long haul.

Jackie Lee, You Really Can Homeschool
Renette Nel

Niamh Arthur's Tailor Made online business group mentorship program does what she says it will - she helps one to be oneself, love what one does and to make money doing it. She has the unique ability to guide and mentor one from exactly where one is at.

As an entrepreneur I had 25 years of business experience through Renette's Candles which I founded in 1987. It was time for me to take it online. I also had a small mentoring business which was based mostly on word of mouth, and took secondary place to the candle business which was a highly visible product.

When I first began with Niamh's group mentorship program, my focus was on the candle business. However, by doing her exercises, which are outstanding and practical, I realised that the mentoring is what I would far rather engage with, than the candles.

Without the brilliant structure Niamh has created in her modules and the process which includes connecting with one's intuitive knowing, I would probably not have made this timely discovery. I closed my candle studio, choosing to rather sell the know-how I had developed, and expanded my bespoke mentoring to being online. This was a very challenging step for me, as I didn't have all the so-called required technology platforms in place.

This is where Niamh truly shines - she has the ability to guide one to do well, just from where one currently finds oneself and guides one to grow from there. I have already recommended this program to others and am super excited that it is now available again. If connection and being yourself is key to creating the life you want to lead, this program is a pathway which will take you there! Welcome to the journey!

Renette Nel, Bespoke Mentor

Niamh Arthur's Tailor Made Online Business Program is by far the best investment you can make for your business and more importantly for yourself! I have attended many courses but NOTHING like hers and it compares to none! Too many times you are taught to copy... To "do what I did" or this is how "I" made ... You can too... Problem is we often can't and don't, simply because we are not them... We are each a unique individual with a way that works for us... Niamh will help you discover YOUR way and that is far more valuable than the price tag attached to this program... She is genuine, authentic and I believe the best there is in helping anyone to develop a business and even themselves to be truly authentic to themselves!

Traci Cornelius, Time of Awakening

I signed up to Tailor Made Online Business with Niamh Arthur and, in a word, it's been amazing! Since the birth of my son four years ago I hadn't invested in myself at all and Niamh's course perfectly addressed all my needs from both a 'life' perspective and a 'business' perspective and helped me to understand how to align them both perfectly.

Having Niamh to consult with is like having a super smart and switched-on friend who cares about how the rest of your life pans out. She's so genuine and her wealth of experience is highly impressive. I would recommend Niamh's program to anyone who needs guidance into a career that will make them fulfilled and happy. Quite frankly, it's the best money I've ever spent on myself and it will pay for itself in more ways than I'll ever know, I'm sure. If you ever get the chance to work with Niamh, take it as her program keeps on giving and gives you that invaluable feeling of knowing you're on the right path to success!

Julie Watts, Ladies That Link
Susan Shaw

Niamh, I want to express my deep gratitude for your support during these past several months (almost a year now).  The LIU Video Challenge and the Tailor Made Online Business Mentorship Program have had a huge impact on me and my business vision.  I love your philosophy about building a business that feels like you versus following someone else’s blueprint.  You are a master at breaking down business concepts and principles and explaining them in simple terms using powerful examples.

Before I met you I was spinning my wheels and making decisions that were sabotaging my success and draining my bank account.  Now I have the belief and the confidence that I can build a successful business that is both energizing and fulfilling AND matches who I am.  Niamh, you are a gifted teacher/mentor who is truly making a positive difference in the world!  So glad our virtual paths crossed and I hope someday I will have the pleasure of meeting you in person. ~Sue xo

Susan Shaw, Shift For Results

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  • 9 90 minute Live Group Mentorship Meetings with Niamh
  • Lifetime access to Light It Up Video Marketing
  • A whole slew of other bonuses
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  • Instant Access to All Program Materials
  • 9 Modules to Take You Through the Process
  • Workbooks and Exercises to Dive Deeper
  • Access to the Private Tailor Made Online Business Community
  • 9 90 minute Live Group Mentorship Meetings with Niamh
  • 6 One-on-One Mentoring Session with Niamh (2 per month)
  • 4 hrs Work Sessions with Niamh
  • Lifetime access to Light It Up Video Marketing
  • A whole slew of other bonuses!
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Wherever You Are... I'll meet you there.

frequently asked questions

  • q-iconWhat's different about Tailor Made Online Business?

    This program is incredibly unique as it takes a holistic approach to online business building. Rather than simply approaching your alignment and personal development OR your business strategy… we work on Self-Discovery and connection as the key foundation to build your business upon, while uncovering real world internet marketing principles and structures to build your business on. The aim of this program is to help you BE YOU, and then translate that into the practicalities of creating a lucrative online business.

  • q-iconI'd love to but... finances.

    I’ll be honest here. This is a tough one, because often when you feel like you don’t have enough money to invest in something… it’s not money at all, but rather fear. And we’ll address that in a sec. But if you are genuinely strapped for cash… that’s ok, happens to the best of us. Have a look at the payment plans and see if there is an option that feels right. If not, we’ll still be friends! I seriously don’t want anyone spending their grocery money or creating hardship in their lives.

  • q-iconI'd love to but... I'm scared.

    Thanks for being willing to say this! You know, we spend SO much of our lives cut off from our Core Selves, we’ve become experts at it. So the idea of opening the door to who we are, and then embracing that side of ourselves in business…. can be super scary! What I would say to you is this…. It’s time. It’s time for you to connect to who you are supposed to be, and let that come out into the world. It may be scary, but it’s the life you are supposed to live. If not now…. when?

  • q-iconI'm a network marketer with an existing business. I want to take my business to the next level. How will this help me?

    Great question! Often network marketers sign up to a business and say to themselves, “yep, now I have a business.” But really all they have is an income stream. To make it work they still need to align it to them (yes, not the other way around as most people TRY to do), and then they need to choose a target audience, create a message they love AND….. marketing. They face tougher marketing challenges as they are in a more competitive market. You will learn how to fully construct the business wheel so you feel GREAT about your business, and then create marketing that totally suits you. Your marketing can and should be SIMPLE, yet effective! The unique approach I teach in Tailor Made Online Business is how I took my previous network marketing business to six figures.

  • q-icon I'm an aspiring online entrepreneur, but I haven't even started yet. How will this help me?

    That’s SO cool! Honestly, there has been NO better time to get into creating a business online. When you go through the week on Income, you will realize not only how simple it can be to create income for yourself, but you will also get to learn about new resources that have popped up making getting started easy in just about any industry. Truly, there is a big shift happening and you probably have a sense that it’s time to get online and do SOMETHING. What better way to start than doing work that fits YOU, and finding paths that are simple and uncomplicated?

  • q-iconI'm a coach or a Spiritual Entrepreneur. I feel great about my alignment, but my marketing is hit and miss. How will this help me?

    Gosh, this is more common than you’d think! Loads of us have awakened to a deeper purpose of connecting to and helping others in the world…. we know in our hearts we are on the right path, but finding our people can be tough. This program will help you construct the practical elements of your business including how to reach your ideal clients, creating additional offers to up your revenue streams, and most importantly outlining specific daily marketing tasks so you can create clarity for yourself, while being more effective in your marketing!

  • q-iconWhen are the Mentorship Calls and what if I miss some?

    Our group mentorship calls are held on Tuesdays at 3.30pm Eastern (12.30pm Pacific, 8.30pm UK/Ireland).

    While it is fantastic when you can make the calls live I get that sometimes life gets in the way. If you are unable to make some of the calls you will find recordings available the next day so you can listen to them in your own time and apply everything you are learning.

  • q-icon I'm ready to go! How do I get started?

    Yippee! I’m super glad you asked, because that’s my very favorite question! Click here, select your package and let’s do this!

Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm doing this because I love working with people and helping them figure out their ideal business. As such, I really want this to be an amazing experience for all.

I offer a 15 day money back guarantee. No quibbles. No questions.